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Once the installation is done to reap the maximum benefit from the indoor plants, proper maintenance is a must. Don’t forget indoor plants are expensive and also sensitive. To ensure your indoor plant’s health and freshness, we at NuEnviron have a comprehensive maintenance process. Following are few key aspects.

  • As indoor plants are also living creatures, confining them to indoor forever will hamper their growth and as time pass by they will lose their liveliness and freshness.

  • Here comes our USP of plant maintenance. We believe in the saying “Change is the only constant and change is for good “ so we keep changing your plants every month. Through this you get a new set of plants, the look and feel of your office/workspace update every month.

  • Other key aspects of maintenance like watering, fertigation, cleaning, pruning, leaf dusting, container cleaning, pest management and plant replacement will be done at no extra charge.

  • If any of our indoor plant decline for whatever reason we promptly replace it.


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